When cleaning marble, limestone or soft stones in general it is not recommendable to us a acidic cleaner. 

Granites are basically resistant against acid, however there are many natural stones that are falsely termed as granite.

The chinese basalt is not acid-proof and looses its dark/black colour immediately.


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For daily care, only use cleaners free of tensides and not containing soap, acid or alcohol. It is not advisable to clean natural stones with chlorine. The best option is to use FINALIT No 40 Citrus Scent Cleaner.

Professional cleaning of natural stone

Natural stone is a very popular material for floors, walls or paths. The expressive and natural character of natural stone surfaces provides a real eye-catcher in the environment of home and garden. Both inside and outside. The stone contributes perfectly to the ambience with its diverse shapes, colors and patterns. However, natural stone requires professional basic cleaning, regular care and protection through a high-quality Finalit impregnation for lasting optimal beauty. Marble, granite, limestone, quartzite, slate, travertine or sandstone retain their original brilliance for longer and are much more robust in the outdoor area against weather conditions.

Unprotected natural stone surfaces are often prone to dirt deposits and for the growth of moss and algae. In addition, rain and frost can affect the stones in the outdoor area, especially when moisture is stuck in pores and cracks. The products of Finalit enable a high-quality, professional basic cleaning and impregnation of natural stones. By doing so, the beautiful natural products are excellently protected and future impurities can be eliminated more easily and effectively. The impregnation is carried out after the cleaning of the natural stone and prevents it against new pollution and frost damage. When treated with Finalit, the stones retain their natural appearance and need less cleaning. Whether indoors or outdoors - anyone who owns natural stone should decide upon a professional basic cleaning and impregnation. We professionally clean all natural stones with special diamond, porcelain and silicone carbide brushes to ensure the perfect look. Use our know-how for the professional cleaning of natural stone.

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