Soiled surfaces, tiles infested with mould or moss? Slippery stone floors in lobbies or swimming pools, stubborn stains that defy any attempt at removal? Ugly streaks left after poor or aggressive cleaning? 

The results of incorrect cleaning or no cleaning at all are many and varied. Even old stone often looks dull and worn. Finalit products restore life to natural stones, such as marble, granite, sandstone, limestone as well as to porcealin/ceramic tiles, terracotta and concrete. These products can even be used to clean tombstones. 

The long-lasting results of proper cleaning, impregnation and reliable anti-slip protection restore the original life of the stones. We create hygienic conditions and extend the durability of your stones. 

We guarantee a high level of professional services through our sales representatives in Austria and global importers.

Choose the reliable and convenient Finalit cleaning service! 
No matter where you are located, our Finalit team will come directly to you and carry out an effective treatment once they have analysed the problem.

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